Reasons To Love Wood Watches

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The wood watches have become very popular in the last several years, and their popularity continues to grow. Why do the people would prefer wearing a wooden watch instead of a standard one, made of metal or plastic? There are many good reasons for that.

Every wooden watch is unique

Unlike the majority of classic wrist watches, every wooden watch is entirely handmade. When working with wood, it is impossible to make any two pieces look the same. Every two watches, even if they are a part of the same production line, will be crafted from different part of the wood, and each two parts will of the wood would have a different pattern and some variation in grain and color. So buying a wood watch you can be sure that there’s no other watch like yours.

Wooden watches are eco-friendly

The wood is probably the most Eco-friendly material. By its very nature, it is biodegradable, and the resources (water, electricity, workforce, etc.) needed to produce anything from wood are simply incomparable to ones needed to produce the same object from metal. Moreover, companies like WeWood, PlantWear, and OriginalGrain are truly committed to preserving the nature. For every watch they sell, they plant a tree. For anyone genuinely caring about the sustainability of the Earth’s ecosystem, purchasing a wooden watch is a great way to contribute to the protection of nature.

How many people do you know with a wood watch? That’s right. Not only every watch made from wood is unique – there’s simply a very few people owning a wood watch. Wearing something so unordinary is fun, not to mention the fact that, as you will soon find out, your wooden watch is a great conversation starter.

Wooden watches age beautifully

Your ordinary metal, plastic or ceramic watch will wear down over time, and you can do nothing to avoid that. But your wooden watch will only look better with the passing of time.

Wooden watches are affordable

Even the most expensive wood watches are really affordable. Actually, it is quite difficult to find a wooden watch that costs more than $500, and most of the models are priced in $100 to $200 range.


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But perhaps the biggest advantage of the wooden watches over the classic ones lies in one very simple thing which, like all other things of real importance, can not be measured. Your wooden watch will give you a feel of warmth and coziness, which is so typical for the living wood and which can not be matched by any of the metal or plastic wrist watches, no matter how beautiful and charming they may look.

Are wooden watches actually made of wood?

Wooden watches are not entirely made of wood. For obvious reasons, their movements are standard mechanical and (more often) quartz movements. Some other small parts, such as hands, crowns, and clasps are also made of metal. Many models feature leather straps, and sometimes bracelets are made of mixed wooden and metal links. Most wooden watches, however, feature cases, dials, and bracelets made of wood.

Fun fact: Actually, there are watches which feature a wooden movement – like some models created by the Ukrainian watchmaker Valerii Danyevich – but they are very rare and should be considered more as an exotic piece of artwork rather than as an actual timepiece.

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