Who Said Yellow Is Tacky? You Can Look Brave with These 10 Yellow Dresses

yellow dress

Yellow is indeed a color that includes lights. It takes high confidence to be able to wear a yellow dress. But with solid match that fits, your appearance with yellow dress is even more interesting.

Yellow symbolizes endless cheerfulness

yellow dress

Women can not be ignorant about the appearance problem. Everything must be perfect from top to bottom. Moreover, the problem of the outfit used, from the model to the color must be examined properly so as not to make a wrong style.

Talking about color, there are many colors that women can wear. Not a few women who like neutral colors because it is more easily combined with other colors. But not a few also prefer bright colors to wear.

One of the many bright colors that can be worn is yellow. This one color is cheerful and definitely makes you look fresher. Yellow can also symbolize warmth.

Tips on Solid Matching Tops in Yellow

Pair with Jeans

beautiful yellow dress

If you have a yellow tops outfit, don’t just run it in the closet. Come on, get rid of it immediately and match it with your subordinates. Don’t hesitate to use this yellow because it’s not at all tacky.

You can mix this yellow tops with jeans. You can use high rise jeans to make it look trendy. Put your tops in jeans so the yellow is more balanced.

Crash Color is also No Problem

cheap yellow dress

The yellow color is easy to combine. You don’t need to be afraid to combine it with other colors. Indeed, if you are not careful, you can even look tacky, so we will provide a solution for you.

Don’t hesitate to hit color. You can experiment with combining yellow with dark blue. Yellow will also look good with brown or black. You can also mix yellow with light green or white.

For those with dark skin, avoid striking yellow

dark yellow dress

It is undeniable that yellow is tempting to wear. Unfortunately sometimes we are still unsure of this color for fear of tacky fall on our skin. Indeed the color selection of the clothes must also be adjusted to the color of the skin to make it look more harmonious.

Don’t worry, for those of you who have dark skin, you can still use yellow. The solution is to choose a yellow that is not too bright. You can choose yellow that tends to be orange. This can make your skin look perfect and fit the yellow clothes you choose.

Add Accessories

yellow dress with accessories

Women will appear more perfect with outfits equipped with accessories. When wearing a yellow tops, you can add accessories to make the appearance more stylish.

Keep in mind, yellow is a fresh and cheerful color. You can use this color in a hangout or holiday setting. Pair your yellow tops with matching color accessories. For example, a yellow bag or yellow shoes. You can also take the yellow color from earrings and scarves that you use as a blend of yellow tops.

More stylish with 10 yellow dress tops

Tokichoi – Frill Sleeves Blouse

yellow dresses

Tokichoi is a fashion brand that was launched in 2004. This one brand products carry a blend of Korean and Japanese styles. Tokichoi produces various fashion from pants to dress. You can lyrics the following products, huh.

Tokichoi Frill Sleeves Blouse can be a cool product of your choice. This yellow solid tone shirt has ruffle details. This shirt is round necked. Made from polyester, the model is a slip on style with a trumpet-style arm.

Berrybenka Label – Bertene Tops Yellow

Bertene Top Yellow

With more than 1000 brands offered, Berrybenka products are of high quality. In addition to selling other brand products, Berrybenka also offers products from their labels.

Bertene Tops Yellow is the top of a short-sleeved woman. With yellow, this shirt is suitable for a casual impression. This product is comfortable to wear with sneakers and jeans. Made from scuba, this tops comes in sizes S to XL.

Exit – Syahira

exit clothing

Exit is a fashion brand that is able to present a feminine impression for women. You can get charming style from a variety of classic but casual Exit products. Made from high quality, of course you will look stunning at any time.

Syahira is a cool female tops dresses for you from Exit. This one product is made of cotton in yellow. This long sleeve shirt is round neck with a casual design.

Havva – Banny Eyelet Details Top Yellow

Banny Eyelet Details Top Yellow

Havva is one of the cool fashion brands you can choose. This brand presents a variety of fashion products that are comfortable to wear everyday. The product is quality so you are definitely not disappointed when you buy it.

Banny Eyelet Details Top Yellow is one of Havva’s cool products. This tops is a simple model with accent straps on the front. This yellow tops has long sleeves. Can be worn with sneakers and slim fit trousers. Comes in sizes S to L, this product is made from scuba.

Mango – Contrasting Design T-Shirt

mango clothing

The Mango brand must be familiar to those of you who like to wear branded clothes. Having a center in Barcelona, ​​this one brand continues to grow rapidly. Employing nearly 10,000 employees, the offline store has spread to more than 80 countries in the world.

This Contrasting Design T-Shirt can be used as a product from Mango. This round collared tops is a regular fit size. This polyester material is comfortable to wear.

Aoli Clothing – 592

aoli brand fashion

Aoli can be your favorite fashion brand because the product is always awesome. There are various fashion needs from tops to dresses. Besides that, you can also lyrics a row of accessories to beautiful bags for you to have from this one brand.

Aoli Clothing presents 592 which are formal tops. Comes in yellow, this shirt is only one size. This product uses ribbon detail on the front. To impress your chic, just mix this shirt with culottes and strapped heels.

Brilliant Girl – Blouse

Brilliant Girl blouse

Women do sometimes like voters in the color of clothes. This is because with the right color selection, the display can also be more beautiful. You can choose a yellow color that will give a fresh and cheerful look to your look.

Blouse from Brilliant Girl can be a yellow dress tops choice for you. Pair it with flat shoes and pants ¾ for a casual look. This round collared tops are model slip on style and are made of cotton linen.

Levigis – LVG167-AGR


Levigis is an okay fashion brand for women. This brand provides various fashion tops as well as subordinates. You can also get accessories such as watches by this brand.

LVG167-AGR is a product from Levigis that must be in your wardrobe. This yellow dress tops has ribbon details on the front. This all size shirt has accent flares on the arms. Made from polyester, the clothes are comfortable to wear.

Uptown Girl – Tied Blouse

Uptown Girl blouse

This Uptown Girl Tied Blouse can be an attractive choice for you. This yellow dress blouse has a round collar. With tie knot details this product is solid color. This chiffon shirt intersects regular fit. Pair it with stilettos and short skirts to make it more okay.

Avgal Collection – 0612 Emmeline Shirt

Avgal Collection

Avgal Collection is a fashion brand that you should lyrics the product. With a design that refers to the impression of a contemporary and modern so it is right for women who want to wear it in everyday life. Immediately lyrics the product below for you to buy.

0612 Emmeline Shirtn from Avgal Collection is sure to make your style even better. This long sleeve tops product comes in yellow. You can mix with slim fit pants and heels. Products with this eyelet detail are made from polyester. With tie accents at the waist, this product comes in a one size.

Yellow is a bold color. Therefore, you also have to dare to experiment when combining a yellow dress tops with other outfits. The more you experiment, the more you will understand what the right blend is and make you look more chic. Check out our cheap yellow dress collections here.

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